External Cephalic Version. What it’s like and how it ended for me.

My pregnancy was going great (minus the everyday morning sickness for 9 months and having to live off of phenergan and zofran).  My baby was head down at 28 weeks and stayed that way until our 34 week appointment. At that point we weren’t too concerned because sometimes they just don’t flip till 37 weeks.  Well, two weeks later at my 36 week appointment I was two days away from being 37 weeks and my baby was still breech! (Yes, I did spinning babies exercises and visited with a chiropractor twice a week). I am not opposed to a c-section or vaginal birth luckily. My options are pretty open as long as I have a healthy baby boy to hold at the end! Anyways, we schedule my ECV for that Monday.  I had talked with my best friend and aunts who had, had the procedure done so I went in knowing it was not going to be comfortable at all.

Here’s what is nice to know about the ECV with all the details!

Your doctor should have you at the Labor and Delivery triage for your ECV. There’s a small chance but still a chance that you could go into labor DURING the ECV!  The nurses will go through all your paper work, give you an IV, and go through all the surgical steps of ‘just in case’.  Also, hook you up to a contraction counter and heart rate monitor for the baby.  When your doctor comes in she’ll do an ultrasound first. To check your fluid levels and be sure babe is still breech.  That goop they use at your appointments to check the heart rate, they will layer it on like a second skin for the procedure.  I was lucky to only have one doctor do this procedure on me, sometimes there is two doctors though.  They do give you (or at least they gave me) a shot of terbutaline to help relax your uterus and decrease your chances of going into labor during the process. The doctor will literally put all their weight and effort into moving your baby based off of his position. My baby is literally in a circle in my belly, head in my right rib cage circling around to toes in my left rib cage.  She first tried to make him do a ‘backward’ roll in my belly, he wouldn’t budge.  Then attempted to go forwards, moved a TINY bit then put himself to a hault.

Now, the most painful part was when he would not move for anything.  When he would go with the pressure it was completely uncomfortable but the real pain came when he was choosing to be stubborn.  So, what felt like an hour, was actually only 15-20 minutes of pushing.  My husband and Mom were there in case I did go into labor and they were able to get front row seats to the whole procedure.  Unfortunately, after all of that my baby did not flip.  We now have ultrasounds to keep up with his positioning and my fluids AND have a scheduled c-section date just in case he chooses not to flip on his own. Please note, just because I did not have success with this I do know people who have! I think it is a great route to take if you want to do a vaginal birth

Now, as I said I am not opposed to vaginal birth or a c-section.  I won’t lie at first I just wanted a c-section.  There was no way I was pushing out a baby but then I got pregnant and just realized whatever is safest and best for baby is what I wanted! I think those two months of saying c-section only is why this all happened, it’s my karma. lol. I am glad I gave the ECV a try though, yes it was SO PAINFUL that I couldn’t work that day or do a whole day of work the next day AND was given some bruises on my belly, but worth a shot for him to come on his own instead of planning it all out!

NOTE: SUBSTANTIAL pain and HIGH levels of being uncomfortable will come with this. Take off work that day and the next day. Ice your belly with a towel between the belly and ice, heat your back, and take a relaxing bath to calm your belly down! I lived on my couch that day and the next dayafterwards, and I like to think my pain tolerance is pretty above average!



Nursery Reveal.

I have been loving on our nursery since before my Dad painted the wall. The thought of it was mind blowing for me and I couldn’t wait! Now, the baby has a finished bedroom (and he’s not even born yet) and my husband and I are still in the process of finishing not only our room but decorating our whole house lol! There is a list of the items used for organizing and decorating below (some affiliate links included). Also, we’re still in the works of finding a rug for this room and some blackout curtains! Next weekend is the deadline so update coming soon!

corner shelf|aztec blanket|adventure pillow (not the same one pictured)|globe(not the same one pictured)|airplane|fox head|animal tracks sign|cube bin and organizers|cube labels|changing pad cover|diaper caddy|

8 Ways to SAVE on Your Wedding Budget

You probably saw how we saved $2,500 on our food budget by doing a taco bar, so obviously, that is my tip number one. Aside from that here are 10 more items you can save on at your wedding! (some affiliate links included).

    1. Purchasing fancy, PLASTIC plate settings. I used these! Not only did we save money by using them rather than renting enough settings for 250 people but we were able to simply throw it away when finished! We didn’t have to do any dishes or anything, THANK GOODNESS.
    2. Party Serving KitIf you’re lucky you’ll be able to borrow these from someone, but we were not that fortunate! We did you this kit and slow cookers to help keep the food warm and yummy through out the night.  We even got to use them again at my baby shower!
    3. Jewelry. Now, sometimes you and your significant other purchase each other gifts for weddings. Cody and I decided against that because we were ready to spend on our honeymoon and other fun activities for the rest of the summer.  I bought my earrings at Icing! They were perfect for the occasion and I didn’t worry as much if I lost them on the dance floor!
    4. Tealight Candle Holders. BUY IN BULK. I made the mistake of buying them at Wal Mart and Jo Anne Fabrics….$3 EACH. I wish I thought of looking on Amazon for these too considering we did that for everything else!
    5. SHOES. I wore black heels to match my bridesmaids. The ones I purchased are not available anymore but I loved them! These ones are similar though! I ordered them through Amazon and was so nervous they would not be perfect but just be sure to read the reviews from other buyers that will help  A TON!
    6. Wedding Invites.  We made our own! Yes, it was time consuming and sometimes frustrating but also so fun! All we had to purchase was the paper, envelopes, and of course stamps!  We ordered the paper and envelopes and simply printed onto them. Also, this way I was able to be as picky as I wanted with them.
    7. Make Your Own Bouquet. We certainly had a florist get all the flowers and greenery that I had wanted for center pieces, boutonnieres, and bouquets! The florist here did an amazing job at getting me peonies last minute (FYI: mid August weddings are not the season for peonies). The night before the wedding all the bridesmaids and I went to my Mom’s house and made bouquets and boutonnieres. It was so simple and each bouquet was its own!
    8. Decorations. We made so many ourselves! From cutting out tables and names on paper, table numbers, Mr. and Mrs. signs, tree branches on the ceilings, floral arrangements for ceremony, and wreaths on the windows! It was beautiful and so time consuming but I would not have had it any other way!

Photo Credits: Moving Mountains Photography & Freeze Frame Photography

Save OVER $2,500 On Your Wedding.

Okay, weddings can be SERIOUSLY expensive! There are so many things to think about, especially when you are trying to do your wedding on a budget! Of course, I don’t have ANY pictures of our food table…

One thing I know I didn’t want to spend a ton on was food. (Yes, I wanted a dinner but nothing too crazy and something that was quick and easy so we could get to the dancing!) I knew I wanted something that was a favorite of most guests and I knew I wanted to do buffet style just to keep it all simple (also, cuts out the costs of having waiters at your wedding!) We looked at multiple different caterers and restaurants for pricing and the lowest we could find, meaning like a side salad/person was $12 PER PLATE! I also made sure we looked at multiple venues to see what different places offered for their menu services. BUT, we had 250 people at our wedding to feed, at the lowest price that would have been AT LEAST $3,000!!! (Seriously, considering learning how to cook to become a caterer lol).

So, what did we do instead to avoid paying outrageous amounts and still have our guests fed? We made our own food! Like I said, we weren’t going for anything fancy. Something simple that everyone would enjoy that would be easy for a buffet meal! My Mom and Aunts were absolutely amazing and did it ALL. They went to Sam’s Club and got all the mixings and sides for a TACO BAR! (Seriously, who doesn’t love tacos??) After doing the whole buffet table, feeding everyone, and only spending $1,200 WE STILL HAD LEFT OVERS. tacos for days.

Now, I was lucky enough to have a group of people that wanted to help out in EVERY way they could. Yes, doing the food was time consuming but if you’re looking to save money this is a HUGE way to do it!

NOTE: we also went with a venue that did not have a restaurant (most that do require you to use their menu services).