Good Reads.

Okay, I don’t know about you guys but I love getting a good book to read and  not being able to set it down. I’m not talking about self care books, which I’m also extremely into right now! (Just finishing up Grace Over Perfection and starting Braving the Wilderness!) What I’m talking about right now is drama books, fiction, like a TV series for books (which ironically one is a TV series I found out!)

Big Pretty Lies by Liane Moriarty

Seriously, if you want a quick read (I read it in 2 days) then this book is perfect! It’s about a three Moms, one who is divorced, one extremely wealthy, and the other young and just moved to the small beach town.  It’s all about ex-husbands, second wives, mothers and daughters, and schoolyard scandal.

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

This is a longer read but still so so good. This book is about two best friends, one an extreme go getter, the other more humble.  The book travels through their 30 years of friendship, high school, college, weddings, and children.  It’s a tear jerker though that’s for sure.

What are your favorite reads right now?!




Making Purpose of the ‘Junk Drawer’

Everyone has AT LEAST one, I may have 2 in our kitchen…maybe! haha. Where the heck does all of this stuff come from, and HOW does it always accumulate in one spot?! Well today, I’m going to show you how I tackled BOTH of our junk drawers.

We have everything in our drawers; batteries, nails, pens, our old apartment lease (we’ve owned our home for almost a year now…), and literally anything you can think of. It’s in there.

Here is what made it super simple for me.

  1. clear dining room table (or counter top whatever is closest)
  2. empty everything out of drawer and put like items with each other
  3. drawer organizers, I had some extras from my bathroom and other kitchen drawers but you can get ones similar HERE.
  4. put everything away that has a home in the house and doesn’t need to be in the drawer.
  5. organize everything going into the drawer based off of category!


Baby Registry Ideas.

There are so many things a new mom needs as a first timer. The list is never ending. If you’re like me, not only do you want the essentials you want everything to be prepared for ages 0-45! I created a little bit more of a simple list with ‘necessities’ that will get us Mom’s through the first 6 months…hopefully!


I created a Baby Registry list on Amazon, for you to check out and add what you would like or use it for ideas!

What I thought to be necessities were…

  1. bottles
  2. burp cloths
  3. crib
  4. crib mattress
  5. diaper bag
  6. diaper genie
  7. baby towels
  8. baby bath
  9. pacifier
  10. bath kit
  11. nose frida kit
  12. onesies
  13. bibs
  14. stroller
  15. car seat
  16. bouncer
  17. baby carrier
  18. pack n play
  19. breast pump




Maternity Wardrobe.

So I’m on my last week of the second trimester and my bumb is slowly taking over.  Luckily, I have a job that requires leggings and sweats (coaching gymnastics). BUT, once a week I work in a pilot shop selling airplane equipment and twice a month I work at Buckle. Those are definitely jobs that do not approve of sweats!

I have made an amazon list of things needed for the basics of maternity that I have purchased to prep.  I have a small list, luckily a lot of my clothes from before are bigger (I like a looser fit) so I have not needed many different tops.

Must have if you want to only purchase the basics. BELLY BAND. Number three on the list, but this ha made it so I can wear my jeans from before OR my maternity jeans.  Get this, I don’t even have to zip or button my regular jeans and no one will know because these belts cover it!

  1. a pack of nursing bras: I purchased this pack from amazon, but I also ordered a couple sports bras from Senita Athletics too!
  2. 2-3 pairs of maternity leggings: I have two workout leggings and a pair to wear under tunics and dresses.
  3. support belt for you jeans: I purchased two, one for just my jeans from target, the other I just ordered and can’t wait to get in from Amazon. It supports your belly too to help with back pain.
  4. 1-2 maternity tops: I have two, a dress up top and a basic white v neck.
  5. 2-3 pairs of maternity jeans: I own two skinnies and a pair of bootcut jeans.

Check out the full list here!

What are your maternity basics?








Creating a Morning Routine

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed in the mornings? You get out of bed (if you’re lucky make it), look at the never ending pile of laundry, go into your bathroom to see the clutter, walk downstairs and it looks like a tornado went off. I used to want to seriously pull my hair out!

Two weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I set myself to a routine.  Now, my mornings are different depending on the day because some days I go into work at 9, 10, or 11 so I have three different routines but certain things that I keep on the schedule to maintain a consistency!

How I created my schedule:

  1. choose the time that you want to leave for work
  2. give yourself a 10 minute buffer before that just in case the phone rings or something happens!
  3. make a list of necessities you want to get done in the morning
  4. create time limits for each thing on your list
  5. start from when you want to leave to when you wake up!

Here’s an example of my Tuesday and Thursday routine.

I leave my house at 8:40 AM.


  1. one laundry load (spreads through out the morning)
  2. unload dishwasher (5 minutes)
  3. feed dogs (5 minutes)
  4. make bed (5 minutes)
  5. get ready for the day (30 minutes)
  6. make and eat breakfast (30 minutes)
  7. check emails (20 minutes)
  8. ItWorks Power 1/2 Hour (30 minutes)

Time line.

6:15 start laundry load

6:20 make bed and feed dogs

6:30 make and eat breakfast

7:05 unload dishwasher

7:10 get ready for day

7:40 check emails

8:00 Itworks power 1/2 hour

8:30 leave house + 10 minute buffer time.

I have been doing this each morning and to be sure I am on task I set alarms on my phone.  If I have some free time in my buffer time I will either sit down and read a book or I will go through a quick clean up of the house if I wasn’t able to do it the night before!

Since I have been doing a morning routine M-F I have noticed WAY more success through out my day because I know I got up and got what I needed to get done, done.  You will go into work and feel WAY better about your day with a mapped out morning.


KETO coffee

Alright, I’m sure you have all heard of the “diet” KETO. Although, I would like to let you know that it’s not a diet it is a lifestyle that will help you get to your goals 1000% fast! …By the way, I am not doing the keto diet because I learned about it when I got pregnant and didn’t feel that’s an extreme change I’m ready to make! I do try though with what I can!!

What is the KETO ‘diet’? Well, it is putting your body in a state of KETOSIS. Meaning…
——->It is high in (HEALTHY) fat and low in carbs. You will eat close to 0, or 0 carbs in your food intake! Your body trains itself to burn fat for energy instead of the normal, carbs!

In order for your body to enter KETOSIS your diet must consist 60% of fats (fuel)!

One way I have started my KETO diet during my pregnancy is drinking keto coffee! (and yes I only have one glass a day please don’t worry!) I put it into my morning protein shake and get moving with my day!

Benefits to ItWorks! Keto coffee
1. 100 calories and no creamer necessary!
2. Helps build muscle by turning into an amino acid in your body!
3. Helps build and restore vital proteins

Who has entered the keto lifestyle OR wants to learn more with me!?


Announcement Photo

Cody and I wanted to do a really cute photo for our ‘announcement’ of being pregnant, and since we had the DNA blood test done we knew the gender at 11 weeks.  We did wait the recommended 14 weeks to announce to those who weren’t family or close friends but it took what felt like forever trying to find the time or a setting we liked.  Please note, we also did not want to pay a photographer to take one photo.  We were being cheapos, bally, after ut I would rather take that photography money and put it towards a family photo later on after the baby!

Pinterest is a blessing and a curse.  I would find one photo pose I loved then look again and find a TOTALLY different look that I liked.  I was driving my husband CRAZY giving him all these photo options and what we would need to purchase for each one. Finally, after days that felt like weeks of photo searching we found one!

The photo cost us a whopping $30…and that was between the fox and any clothes from target clearance!


  1. clothes that were already give to us or found on Target clearance racks
  2. stuffed animals given to us…except for the fox I fell in love with him at Target lol
  3. boxes – we got these for free from Cody’s work
  4. children books given to us as gifts
  5. a permanent marker to write with

I’m in love with this photo and can’t wait to frame it for the nursery!



Hair, Skin, and Nails


I told you guys ALL about how much I love the ItWorks! products, now it’s time to share one of my absolute favorites.

HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS. These vitamins work WONDERS, you simply take two a day and the container comes with a months worth.  I advice those who are trying it to do it every day for 90 days straight, not only will you see a difference almost immediately it’s also cheaper!

ItWorks gives those willing to try products for 90 days straight MY discount which is 40% off! Seriously though, what company gives their customers the employees discount on a regular basis?

The vitamins are fueled with so many good things for your body.

I’m starting my challenge tomorrow! 90 days straight of HSN and I can’t wait to show my progress to you!








Why Did I Join ItWorks?!

OKAY. I mentioned in my about me that I am an ItWorks Distributor.

Unless you work for ItWorks! or have a friend that has shown you product you probably don’t even know what it is!

Here is my list of 10 reasons I LOVE the ITWORKS company!

  1. It is a debt free company, that is constantly growing.
  2. There is a product out there for EVERYONE.
  3. You get to work at your own pace.
  4. The people you will meet are so amazing and only want to see you grow.
  5. You get to help others reach their goals in health and fitness.
  6. Pick your own hours!
  7. Quick cash.
  8. There’s no sale or party quotas.
  9. The company GIVES BACK.
  10. It actually works. The name speaks for itself!

Seriously, I can’t wait to share more with you about the ItWorks company!

If you have more questions about ANY of this journey I am taking reach out!

…Or you can check out my website here






Barceló Bavaro – PUNTA CANA.

My husband and I love to travel and see new things (who doesn’t?)! We took FOREVER choosing the location for our honeymoon. We new we wanted to go to a beach and definitely wanted it to be all inclusive. We got married in August and still hadn’t picked a place! Thankfully, we also knew we didn’t want to go until December or January because summers here in Alaska are amazing. Cody found Barceló Bavaro and they ended up having a deal for during the time frame we wanted to go so of course we went for it and we are SO happy that we took the leap!  This is resort is located on Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, it is one of the top ten best beaches in the world and is the best beach in Punta Cana!


If you and your significant other are looking for a get away that is worth every penny this is the place. There are two sides, Adults Only and Family Side, we chose to stay at the Adults Only but either one seriously seems fantastic.  We upgraded our stay to a premium stay so literally we had to pay for nothing, except for what we got at the shops and excursions.  Our room was a superior room with a sea view, this was great but if we went again not something I would splurge on just because we barely spent any time in our room!


Everyday we got up and went to the buffet breakfast and got omelets made and pancakes (they have literally anything you want), for lunch we would walk around to any of the other buffets to eat, and for dinner you can make reservations at different restaurants including a french, japanese, spanish, mexican, and italian. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. The one thing I wanted SO BADLY was for a cup of iced coffee to carry around, we never found a place to do that until our last day….we were walking around the Palace Side (family side) on a floor level we didn’t go on before and found a coffee, rum, and cigar restaurant….everything is free for premium. I was so upset we didn’t know about this place sooner because we definitely would have been there everyday! The coffee was a coffee lover’s dream.


Every night at 10PM there is a show at each side of the hotel.  They do games at 5PM on the adult side, we played a lot of bingo and Cody won every time we played and each night they do prizes for all the events they had that day for the winners.  There is a ton of fitness courses you can do, yoga and pilates on the beach, cycling in the pool, and dance lessons on the beach. For extra charges there is also mini golf and bowling. We did some kayaking (which is included in your stay, too!)  on the ocean, this was probably my favorite thing we did. The water is so awesome.


We only did two excursions but they were a blast! One, we went on a dune buggy tour through local villages and to a private beach.  You get super dirty and be sure to bring a bandana to cover your face! Our second one was a motor boat tour on the ocean to a snorkeling spot then to a private beach area to just hangout. I HIGHLY recommend this one. We got to drive our own two seater motor boat and follow the tour guide. It was a blast.