Making Purpose of the ‘Junk Drawer’

Everyone has AT LEAST one, I may have 2 in our kitchen…maybe! haha. Where the heck does all of this stuff come from, and HOW does it always accumulate in one spot?! Well today, I’m going to show you how I tackled BOTH of our junk drawers.

We have everything in our drawers; batteries, nails, pens, our old apartment lease (we’ve owned our home for almost a year now…), and literally anything you can think of. It’s in there.

Here is what made it super simple for me.

  1. clear dining room table (or counter top whatever is closest)
  2. empty everything out of drawer and put like items with each other
  3. drawer organizers, I had some extras from my bathroom and other kitchen drawers but you can get ones similar HERE.
  4. put everything away that has a home in the house and doesn’t need to be in the drawer.
  5. organize everything going into the drawer based off of category!

Creating a Morning Routine

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed in the mornings? You get out of bed (if you’re lucky make it), look at the never ending pile of laundry, go into your bathroom to see the clutter, walk downstairs and it looks like a tornado went off. I used to want to seriously pull my hair out!

Two weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I set myself to a routine.  Now, my mornings are different depending on the day because some days I go into work at 9, 10, or 11 so I have three different routines but certain things that I keep on the schedule to maintain a consistency!

How I created my schedule:

  1. choose the time that you want to leave for work
  2. give yourself a 10 minute buffer before that just in case the phone rings or something happens!
  3. make a list of necessities you want to get done in the morning
  4. create time limits for each thing on your list
  5. start from when you want to leave to when you wake up!

Here’s an example of my Tuesday and Thursday routine.

I leave my house at 8:40 AM.


  1. one laundry load (spreads through out the morning)
  2. unload dishwasher (5 minutes)
  3. feed dogs (5 minutes)
  4. make bed (5 minutes)
  5. get ready for the day (30 minutes)
  6. make and eat breakfast (30 minutes)
  7. check emails (20 minutes)
  8. ItWorks Power 1/2 Hour (30 minutes)

Time line.

6:15 start laundry load

6:20 make bed and feed dogs

6:30 make and eat breakfast

7:05 unload dishwasher

7:10 get ready for day

7:40 check emails

8:00 Itworks power 1/2 hour

8:30 leave house + 10 minute buffer time.

I have been doing this each morning and to be sure I am on task I set alarms on my phone.  If I have some free time in my buffer time I will either sit down and read a book or I will go through a quick clean up of the house if I wasn’t able to do it the night before!

Since I have been doing a morning routine M-F I have noticed WAY more success through out my day because I know I got up and got what I needed to get done, done.  You will go into work and feel WAY better about your day with a mapped out morning.