Create Your Own Entry Way

When we bought our house we didn’t really realize there was no entry way.  There is a TINY amount of tile on the floor by the door then that immediately transitions into carpet to our living room. (note to self when house shopping you will want an entry way for guests!) At first I was constantly getting frustrated, no where to hang jackets and mud or dirt ALWAYS getting on our CREME carpet. Having guests over was exhausting the next day having to clean up that area or having to put their jackets upstairs or in the closet in the dining room because there was no where near the front door


  1. Get a rug or carpet. We bought this one at Target but I can’t find it so here is a similar one! It goes from the tile and extends in front of our bench so guests can take a seat while they take their shoes off.
  2. Get a small bench.  I’m all about making storage with decor. Whatever piece will more benefit our lifestyle I’m about it. It helps when the piece is pretty too. Ours is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond with storage cubes from Walmart. The bench is amazing, even the seat covers lift up with more storage!
  3. Mail bin. We got ours at Kohl’s randomly one day in their 70% off clearance section so needless to say they do not have it anymore but here is a similar one! I love that both this one and ours has a spot for hanging keys, and yes we do use it! The mail and keys do not pile up on the dining room table!
  4. A COAT RACK. This may be my favorite purchase for this area. We found this inexpensive one on wayfair! (Also, if you do a review on products from wayfair they give you credits to spend!)

Seriously, without the added pillows and obviously the curtains for the windows this was about a $180 project. I would hands down spend the money to avoid this hassle of constantly carpet cleaning finding homes for jackets!