Baby Registry Ideas.

There are so many things a new mom needs as a first timer. The list is never ending. If you’re like me, not only do you want the essentials you want everything to be prepared for ages 0-45! I created a little bit more of a simple list with ‘necessities’ that will get us Mom’s through the first 6 months…hopefully!


I created a Baby Registry list on Amazon, for you to check out and add what you would like or use it for ideas!

What I thought to be necessities were…

  1. bottles
  2. burp cloths
  3. crib
  4. crib mattress
  5. diaper bag
  6. diaper genie
  7. baby towels
  8. baby bath
  9. pacifier
  10. bath kit
  11. nose frida kit
  12. onesies
  13. bibs
  14. stroller
  15. car seat
  16. bouncer
  17. baby carrier
  18. pack n play
  19. breast pump



Maternity Wardrobe.

So I’m on my last week of the second trimester and my bumb is slowly taking over.  Luckily, I have a job that requires leggings and sweats (coaching gymnastics). BUT, once a week I work in a pilot shop selling airplane equipment and twice a month I work at Buckle. Those are definitely jobs that do not approve of sweats!

I have made an amazon list of things needed for the basics of maternity that I have purchased to prep.  I have a small list, luckily a lot of my clothes from before are bigger (I like a looser fit) so I have not needed many different tops.

Must have if you want to only purchase the basics. BELLY BAND. Number three on the list, but this ha made it so I can wear my jeans from before OR my maternity jeans.  Get this, I don’t even have to zip or button my regular jeans and no one will know because these belts cover it!

  1. a pack of nursing bras: I purchased this pack from amazon, but I also ordered a couple sports bras from Senita Athletics too!
  2. 2-3 pairs of maternity leggings: I have two workout leggings and a pair to wear under tunics and dresses.
  3. support belt for you jeans: I purchased two, one for just my jeans from target, the other I just ordered and can’t wait to get in from Amazon. It supports your belly too to help with back pain.
  4. 1-2 maternity tops: I have two, a dress up top and a basic white v neck.
  5. 2-3 pairs of maternity jeans: I own two skinnies and a pair of bootcut jeans.

Check out the full list here!

What are your maternity basics?