Save OVER $2,500 On Your Wedding.

Okay, weddings can be SERIOUSLY expensive! There are so many things to think about, especially when you are trying to do your wedding on a budget! Of course, I don’t have ANY pictures of our food table…

One thing I know I didn’t want to spend a ton on was food. (Yes, I wanted a dinner but nothing too crazy and something that was quick and easy so we could get to the dancing!) I knew I wanted something that was a favorite of most guests and I knew I wanted to do buffet style just to keep it all simple (also, cuts out the costs of having waiters at your wedding!) We looked at multiple different caterers and restaurants for pricing and the lowest we could find, meaning like a side salad/person was $12 PER PLATE! I also made sure we looked at multiple venues to see what different places offered for their menu services. BUT, we had 250 people at our wedding to feed, at the lowest price that would have been AT LEAST $3,000!!! (Seriously, considering learning how to cook to become a caterer lol).

So, what did we do instead to avoid paying outrageous amounts and still have our guests fed? We made our own food! Like I said, we weren’t going for anything fancy. Something simple that everyone would enjoy that would be easy for a buffet meal! My Mom and Aunts were absolutely amazing and did it ALL. They went to Sam’s Club and got all the mixings and sides for a TACO BAR! (Seriously, who doesn’t love tacos??) After doing the whole buffet table, feeding everyone, and only spending $1,200 WE STILL HAD LEFT OVERS. tacos for days.

Now, I was lucky enough to have a group of people that wanted to help out in EVERY way they could. Yes, doing the food was time consuming but if you’re looking to save money this is a HUGE way to do it!

NOTE: we also went with a venue that did not have a restaurant (most that do require you to use their menu services).