8 Ways to SAVE on Your Wedding Budget

You probably saw how we saved $2,500 on our food budget by doing a taco bar, so obviously, that is my tip number one. Aside from that here are 10 more items you can save on at your wedding! (some affiliate links included).

    1. Purchasing fancy, PLASTIC plate settings. I used these! Not only did we save money by using them rather than renting enough settings for 250 people but we were able to simply throw it away when finished! We didn’t have to do any dishes or anything, THANK GOODNESS.
    2. Party Serving KitIf you’re lucky you’ll be able to borrow these from someone, but we were not that fortunate! We did you this kit and slow cookers to help keep the food warm and yummy through out the night.  We even got to use them again at my baby shower!
    3. Jewelry. Now, sometimes you and your significant other purchase each other gifts for weddings. Cody and I decided against that because we were ready to spend on our honeymoon and other fun activities for the rest of the summer.  I bought my earrings at Icing! They were perfect for the occasion and I didn’t worry as much if I lost them on the dance floor!
    4. Tealight Candle Holders. BUY IN BULK. I made the mistake of buying them at Wal Mart and Jo Anne Fabrics….$3 EACH. I wish I thought of looking on Amazon for these too considering we did that for everything else!
    5. SHOES. I wore black heels to match my bridesmaids. The ones I purchased are not available anymore but I loved them! These ones are similar though! I ordered them through Amazon and was so nervous they would not be perfect but just be sure to read the reviews from other buyers that will help  A TON!
    6. Wedding Invites.  We made our own! Yes, it was time consuming and sometimes frustrating but also so fun! All we had to purchase was the paper, envelopes, and of course stamps!  We ordered the paper and envelopes and simply printed onto them. Also, this way I was able to be as picky as I wanted with them.
    7. Make Your Own Bouquet. We certainly had a florist get all the flowers and greenery that I had wanted for center pieces, boutonnieres, and bouquets! The florist here did an amazing job at getting me peonies last minute (FYI: mid August weddings are not the season for peonies). The night before the wedding all the bridesmaids and I went to my Mom’s house and made bouquets and boutonnieres. It was so simple and each bouquet was its own!
    8. Decorations. We made so many ourselves! From cutting out tables and names on paper, table numbers, Mr. and Mrs. signs, tree branches on the ceilings, floral arrangements for ceremony, and wreaths on the windows! It was beautiful and so time consuming but I would not have had it any other way!

Photo Credits: Moving Mountains Photography & Freeze Frame Photography