Making Purpose of the ‘Junk Drawer’

Everyone has AT LEAST one, I may have 2 in our kitchen…maybe! haha. Where the heck does all of this stuff come from, and HOW does it always accumulate in one spot?! Well today, I’m going to show you how I tackled BOTH of our junk drawers.

We have everything in our drawers; batteries, nails, pens, our old apartment lease (we’ve owned our home for almost a year now…), and literally anything you can think of. It’s in there.

Here is what made it super simple for me.

  1. clear dining room table (or counter top whatever is closest)
  2. empty everything out of drawer and put like items with each other
  3. drawer organizers, I had some extras from my bathroom and other kitchen drawers but you can get ones similar HERE.
  4. put everything away that has a home in the house and doesn’t need to be in the drawer.
  5. organize everything going into the drawer based off of category!